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In order to detect beginning and end of each played note it is necessary to pick up signal from each string seperately. Therefore polyphonic pickup is to be used. The price for factory-made polyphonic pickup seemed me to be excessive for the first time, while success of total project was very doubtful, and I decided to implement it by myself. By the way, I feared that induced noise on the pickup would be large, but all is OK without shielding etc.

hcm.gif (2810 bytes) Colleague from my work, experienced radio-engineer, offered me to try  standard beeper as a pickup sensor. This thing is a tiny dynamic speaker to be installed on PCB. It consists of a magnetic core winded with a coil of superfine copper wire, all installed in a ferrite cup. Magnetic membrane lies at the top of the core. When AC is feeded to the coil, it is drawn to the ferrite cup making sound. All assembly is packed in plastic cylinder. My colleague adviced me to cut off the top of the corpse down to the cup, throw away the membrane - and have the pickup. So I did and succeded.

hcnw.jpg (11091 bytes)The beeper used is HCM1216A (in the second model of guitar I used another beeper with less diameter; this firm is producing a variety of dynamic beepers with different resistance and other parameters, but these parameters are not much significant for my purpose). Price of the beeper is $0.55.

Pickup is placed near the stand where magnitude of string oscillation is minimal and string cannot rattle over it. Distance from pickup core to a string is approx. 0.5 mm.

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